What will home buyers want post lockdown?

The property industry may slowly start to regain some momentum as the government announce more easing of lockdown restrictions, but what will buyers be looking for post lockdown?

The Coronavirus pandemic and the #Stayathome message meant we found ourselves spending a significant amount of time indoors, and within the boundaries of our exterior space. Those who had a garden benefitted greatly from the outdoor area, especially as the weather blessed many with dry and sunny days. The nation found new garden enthusiasts and the demand for fence paint went through the roof! Many without an outdoor area to enjoy, turned to decorating their interior and found themselves longing was their own garden. The lockdown experience has been very different for those without an outdoor area to enjoy fresh air without breaking the restrictions on staying home.

So with the long period of confinement, will the needs of future home buyers have changed? With significantly higher numbers of people working from home, will the need for city living, and short commute times be as important? There are hints that home buyers priorities are shifting to include gardens and bigger outdoor spaces in their property search as well as the radius of searches extending to rural towns rather than within city boundaries. There are also suggestions that many home sellers are not going to allow the pandemic to alter their plans for selling this year.

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