Top Tips For Selling Your Home

Is 2020 the year for selling your house in Northern Ireland ? We have put together our top tips for making your property as appealing as possible, giving you the best chance to sell your house fast and for the price you want. Selling your house is about seeing it through the eyes of a buyer and making sure you do not give them any reason to say no or to offer a lower price.

Here are our top tips for selling your home.

  1. Look at your house from across the street. It is all about curb appeal. First impressions count so make sure a buyer is enticed to want to enter your home. Spruce up the garden, front door or front porch area. Add some pot plants, a noticeable house number, kill the weeds and have the grass cut. Have your fascia and guttering cleaned if there are visible signs of moss and leaves. Get the windows cleaned and have any blinds cleaned so they don’t create a bad first impression from outside.
  2. Time to declutter. Never underestimate a tidy room that does not have belongings everywhere. Don’t forget you want people to imagine themselves living in the house, so it is time to make it less about you and more about how others can fit into the space. Do not give a potential buyer any reason for concern. Make sure your worktops are clear and clean, shoes and coats are put away and every room has been staged so it is inviting and spacious. If you have items you haven’t used for ages, have them boxed and put in storage until you move.
  3. Add a lick of paint. Neutral colours are appealing to house buyers. Having a fresh coat of paint will brighten up your walls and ensures buyers aren’t thinking about needing to decorate immediately. If there are
    some holes, chips or marks on the walls, have them repaired. Do not give buyers any reason to not say yes.
  4. Grout not grot. Entering a bathroom should be pleasant for buyers, so don’t turn them off with dirty and stained grout. Get a toothbrush and bleach and scrub the grout on the bathroom tiles.
  5. Do some DIY. If you have straightforward DIY jobs, get them done. Filling in holes in walls, kitchen kick boards that are loose, guttering clean, loose fence etc. Don’t give buyers a reason to say no or make a
    lower offer.
  6. Think about your pets. Whilst you love your pet, others may not. Potential buyers may be allergic or have a phobia so make sure any pets are confined to one room or removed from the home during viewings. Pet food, bowls, beds and toys should be put into a box and not left over the floor. Again you want people to imagine themselves living here so if they are not pet lovers, don’t give them a reason to look at another house for sale.
  7. Know your broadband. Broadband speeds are serious business for many people so know what is available in your area.
  8. Create Space. If you have big, bulky furniture, coffee tables or other pieces that you could remove or change temporarily, it would be worth considering this as an option. If your rooms look bigger, and you can see more of the floor and walls, it will give the potential buyer a sense of space. Mirrors help a room look brighter and bigger. Consider putting some up in smaller rooms and hallways.
  9. Smells. Imagine walking into a house with a bad smell. Would you be enticed to buy? Give your house a thorough clean when viewers are coming. Make sure the rubbish is taken out. If you are a smoker, you can take the smell from the house by placing bowls of vinegar around the areas you smoke. The smell of vinegar will disappear quick taking the smell of smoke with it. If you are a baker, make some cakes, brownies or brew fresh coffee. Walking into a home that smells good, allures people in and makes them want the same for their home.
  10. Light the Fire. If you have an open fire, if you have a featured electric or gas fire, have it lit during colder months. Have buyers want to stay and imagine themselves living in the house when they enter the living area.