The Key To Hosting Your Own Viewings?

We understand that you have a choice of estate agents in Northern Ireland, but here is why we are the agent you should call…….We will save you money.

On top of this our team at Mayfair and Morgan will guide you to a faster sale and maximise your opportunity to get the best price for your property. How can we be so sure? Because we have been doing it here in Northern Ireland for years!

The main way you will save money on your estate agent fees with Mayfair and Morgan is by  hosting the viewings of your property. Having your agent come to the property to conduct viewings costs you money so we are giving homeowners in Northern Ireland the option to host these themselves and then pass on the savings to you in the form of reduced fees.

Who better to show the property than the person who owns it and knows the neighbourhood inside out? Our team have local knowledge, but you know the neighbours, you know how much you spend on heating costs for example, and you know better than anybody what makes your house worth buying and living in.

By hosting your own viewings, you are increasing the chances of a faster sale as you are available outside normal working hours which is what suits lots of potential buyers.

For those of you who find the prospect of showing potential buyers around daunting, fear not, we have put together a “How To Host Your Own Viewings Guide”. Follow these steps to carry out viewings and you will be well on your way to a sold sign.

How To Host Your Own Viewings

Your Greeting. Be warm and friendly when you greet viewers. Shake hands, introduce yourself and welcome them into the property.

Take out Emotion. Remember the goal is to sell your house. It is no longer your home but a viewer’s potential home so remove all emotion from the situation and don’t take offence to any comments or criticism. Feedback is good so you can make improvements and know the type of buyer you are looking for.

Where to start? The layout of your house will determine where you start the viewing. You may enter into a hallway with several doors, or you may have to go through rooms to get to other rooms. Whatever the layout, have a plan on where you will go first and make sure as you proceed to the next room, it flows and you are not stumbling over each other. Our advice is to start and end with the best. First impressions count and you also want to leave them on an optimistic tone before they leave. So begin with the rooms with the best features. This could be the kitchen and living room, or the kitchen and bathroom. You know your property so start with a positive and end on a positive.

What to focus on? When you are showing each room, focus on the features that are important. Great views, open fireplace, wooden floors, unique lighting, underfloor heating, high ceilings, excellent storage, as well as outside taps or even sensor lights. Point out those aspects that people may not think about but that are useful when you live in the property.

Give them Space. Once you have shown the potential buyers around, give them some space to look around without being right beside them. Stay close enough but you could stay on a landing or in the hallway as they look around unassisted.

Honesty is the best policy. Don’t exaggerate or extent the truth as it will get found out. Be honest with answers and if you don’t know the answer simply say you will find out and get back to them. A sale can fall through if you have exaggerated on something that is found out later on down the line to be false.

Goodbyes. Now is not the time to ask the viewers questions about their finances, or to ask them for their feedback. Viewers will feel awkward and uncomfortable so leave that part to us to manage. Simply thank the viewers for coming, ask if they have any questions and tell them if there is anything else they would like to know after the viewing to call us and we will help.

We are here to help and support you with the house sale, however if all of this still leaves you trembling at the knees then there is always the option of accompanied viewings. To find out how you can arrange for one of our team to carry out the viewings, call us today on 02894464902.

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