Staging Your Home For Sale

The housing market is still very active, and the Selling Sunset Northern Ireland ladies are putting the sparkle into properties with the goal of selling fast. The longer a home is on the market the less
chance you have of getting that premium price, so speed is of the essence.


When selling, cutting corners isn’t an option. Choose an innovative agent such as Mayfair & Morgan who are up to date on the latest marketing strategies and can stage your home like it’s a palace to pull in those potential buyers.  Advice from the Selling Sunset Northern Ireland ladies

“Staging a home is all about how you prepare and present the property for photography. People won’t arrange a viewing, let alone buy it, if they aren’t intrigued by your online listing.” Christine Keenan

“You want to give buyers every reason to imagine themselves living in the house. So, dress your home just as you would dress if you were going on a date – dress to impress!” Kerry Green

“Potential buyers are looking for a home to help fulfil their dreams and lifestyle. There is no need to spend large amounts of money, as a few simple changes and our staging tips will get your property noticed and moving” Karen McClurkin

Adding sparkle the Mayfair & Morgan way

KERB APPEAL: Many potential buyers will do a drive by before viewing so you need to entice them to want to go in. Set the stage: Spruce up the garden, have a noticeable house number, kill the weeds and have the grass cut regularly. Paint the front door a bold colour so it stands out.

ENTRANCE/HALLWAY: A well-presented hallway sets the tone of a house. Buyers get the first chance to form an impression of the inside when they walk in the front door. Set the stage: Make the entrance hall look spacious, bright and welcoming. Remove all coats and shoes, buy a new doormat, have extra lighting and add some fragrance with scented candles or aroma sachets. Make sure to hang a statement mirror to open up the space.

LIVING ROOM: This room gives buyers the feel for a lifestyle. A little effort to stage this room will help buyers imagine themselves living here. Set the stage: Light the fire if you have one, use extra lighting to create an ambient atmosphere and brighten any darker areas. Rearrange the furniture to show as much floor space as possible, remove personal family photos, mementos, and clear shelves of all but a few accessories.

DINING AREA: Your goal is to make the room look like it’s used regularly and get the viewers to want to be sitting down to eat in this home. Set the stage: Get out your best china and lay the table. At the very least have a new tablecloth and a focal point such as a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers.

BEDROOM: We all want a big bedroom, so the trick is to make it look spacious. Create a comfortable, calm space and have the bed as centre stage – make people want to try it out! Set the stage: Clean crisp bed linen, well aired, no shoes, clothes visible, have the floor space cleared, turn on the lamps, remove anything of a personal nature including your electronics!

KITCHEN: Giving a tired kitchen a facelift always pays off. Set the stage: Clean every inch until it shines, remove everything from the worktops so buyers see the space. If countertop space is limited, put the utensils in drawers, remove the cookbooks, bread bin etc to free up the area. Put away the pet bowls and bedding and if possible, replace door handles, update countertop covers, and clean the oven, viewers will open it! Have the coffee brewing and the scones in the oven.

OUTSIDE SPACE: With the recent pandemic buyers are putting more importance on outside spaces, so make yours look inviting. Weed the flower beds and mow the lawn. Add tubs of flowers and create a seating area that looks inviting. Whether you have a small yard or a huge back garden, transform it into an extra outdoor room where people can imagine spending time.


Our role as your estate agent is to gain maximum interest in your property. We provide all our homeowners a guide to staging their home and go that extra mile to assist with this for photography and viewings. We feel it is essential to have a good relationship with our clients so we can work together to get the property moving. For more advice on staging your home give the ladies at Mayfair & Morgan a call.

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