Mayfair & Morgan advise on the latest safety guidelines for sales and lettings during the Covid-19 restrictions.

2020 has been a very uncertain time for property owners and tenants. The rules and restrictions on viewings, new move ins and property related appointments have changed several times this year.

To help clarify the current adjustments that need to be made, the ladies at Mayfair & Morgan have highlighted the key points to adhere to here in Northern Ireland.

At present, you can attend appointments at your estate agent’s office. You must wear a face covering but you must stay home if you have any symptoms or if you have to self-isolate. You will be asked to complete a track and trace form if you make an appointment to meet with your estate agent.



  • In the first instance, viewings should be done virtually.
  • To arrange a viewing in person, you must make an appointment. and arrive on time as there may be other viewings or other appointments the agent needs to attend and the agent needs time to carry out required cleaning before anyone arrives.
  • At present, (for rentals) we insist on receiving an application for a rental property prior to a physical viewing, and we will only arrange a viewing once the necessary checks have been carried out, this is to limit viewers when the property is still occupied and to keep our staff safe.
  • For potential buyers, we will obtain sufficient information to ensure they are in a buying position, and offer virtual viewings before a physical viewing is scheduled.
  • We are currently restricted to two households per property at the time of viewings, if the current occupants are staying in the property, then only the viewers are allowed inside. If you want the agent to host the viewing, then the current occupants will need to wait outside.
  • Children are discouraged from attending viewings at this time, anyone in a support bubble with the viewer is counted as part of the household and can therefore attend with the viewer.
  • All doors should be left open and cleaned before and after the viewing.
  • Social distancing must be followed by all parties, face coverings are to be worn and where possible, disposable gloves.
  • Hand washing facilities and paper towels for drying should be provided at the viewing or hand sanitiser for the viewers to use.
  • Open viewings are not permitted at present.
  • If the current occupants are self-isolating then viewings must not take place. At present, there are no shielding measures in place, therefore those who were initially unable to have people in their homes currently can by adhering to the above points.



At present property inspections, repair and maintenance work can be carried out at properties.

Previous notice must be given, and social distancing must be followed as well as the safe working practices adhered to which include regular hand washing, cleaning surfaces and wearing a face covering when possible.

If the occupant is self-isolating, the only reason anyone is permitted to enter the property is to remedy a direct risk that affects their safety and that of their household.

The restrictions may change as they have previously, so the best advice we can give is to visit your local government website where they will explain the current guidance in your area and if in doubt send us an email or call us and we can help with any concerns you may have.

Everybody’s safety is paramount, and it is best practice to be cautious rather than to risk the health of our loved ones.

The team at Mayfair & Morgan extend our gratitude to all the key workers and the NHS staff and encourage everyone to stay safe by following the guidance to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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