Fear of squatters

Estate Agents across Spain are worried about the rise of media reports of squatters occupying second homes especially those that are owned by Scandinavians.

Pelle Lundborg, a Swedish businessman now living in Malaga talks of a couple from Sweden who have spent over a year to try and get the house they built back.

“People weren’t able to to come here because of coronavirus, and when they finally did, some of them found their houses occupied by squatters. And of course they have a problem with the language and the law.

People don’t understand why the law protects the squatter mafias. It is very negative for the image of the country and it is affecting investors on the Costa del Sol. It is unfair, because in reality it is very safe here.”

He believes the law should be changed but says there is no political interest in doing so.


Paul Skillen a global property investor and CEO of Mayfair and Morgan his Estate Agency, currently operating in the UK and Ireland is making plans to expand throughout the Costa del Sol says,

“While squatters are not the norm it can have a long term affect on the market. The south of Spain is a highly desirable area for developers and investors so the market will make the relevant adjustments to stomp this out immediately.

As of today our agency are implementing technological security systems and round the clock services to secure said investments and offer peace of mind to any and all property owners and tenants.”

Security in uncertain times.

It shouldn’t need to be emphasised but given the current times our ability as home owners and tenants should feel safe and secure in our homes. This is if anything a wake up call to everyone that peace of mind is now our priority and we feel it should be yours too.

Armoured doors, cameras, sensors are all part and parcel of creating that peace of mind. Relying on the authorities to do this for you is no longer the smart choice.

Our agency is not only wanting to run a successful business but wants to make the future of this market secure and future proof for many years to come. If you believe this too then let’s talk.

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