Our ambition

The past 3 years have witnessed massive growth in the global Blockchain economy, applications, and values of the actual Cryptocurrency universe. While Bitcoin may have introduced the world to Blockchain, it also quickly realized that Blockchain is the real social contribution to the economy and businesses that will have a lasting impact.

Our ambition is to launch the Mayfair and Morgan Blockchain Center of Excellence in Dubai and the UAE, shoring up businesses to create new offerings and demand in real world applications.

We are also driven to provide an open platform to the Blockchain community where the professionals and entities with their Blockchain mandate meet on  a meritocratic platform to efficiently and reliably exchange services.

What is our ITO?

Having witnessed this massive growth and utilizing our strong ties to the GCC and EMEA regions we firmly believe that a solution is needed to build a healthy and robust ecosystem of Blockchain experts and businesses, governments and organizations looking to implement Blockchain tech in the region and further afield.

Why should you participate?

Our work in implementing these solutions will establish the Mayfair & Morgan Blockchain Center of Excellence as a global leader in implementing Blockchain solutions for real world applications.

Why a token offering?

Executing our plan for a token offering only became a reality and necessity when we realized how quickly the Blockchain ecosystem was developing and how important it was to capture the opportunity available now.

How to participate in our MMBT ITO?

To encourage users and investors to participate in the ITO we have implemented a few key features:

  • MMBT tokens with a significant discount to early and strategic investors
  • An attractive use-case and membership model
  • Ability for token holders to be rewarded through and participate in future token offerings of specific operating business or startups backed by the Mayfair & Morgan Blockchain Center of Excellence

About the project

Building on the initiatives of the Dubai government through ‘Smart Dubai’ we foresee Dubai and the UAE at the forefront of implementing Blockchain based solutions to real world problems.  With a clear mandate to move all government services to Blockchain based solutions by 2020 the implications for the government, semi-government and private sectors of the country are significant.  


Fixed number of tokens offered for sale at 0.00035 Bitcoins each


Fixed number of tokens offered for sale at 0.005 Ethereum each

Price data

Up to 4 decimal places of price data


Issued and verified on the Waves Platform, token name MMBT

Key mission and vision points

To provide users, knowledge experts and Blockchain engineers/professionals an innovative platform to:

Retain the best advice, consultation, solutions and ideas related to Blockchain applications and implementations for existing or new businesses

Asses, qualify, educate, train and utilize the best Blockchain ecosystem talent from the University level up to experienced professionals

To provide token holders:

An attractive value proposition for organizations, governments and companies that need to implement Blockchain solutions or require Blockchain professional services/advice.

A membership driven model for Blockchain professionals around the world who work on MMBT network projects or contracts.

M&M BlockChain Center of Excellence Keynote

The M&M ITO White Paper

The M&M ITO Technical White Paper

Meet the team

With a proven track record in the fintech arena having successfully led a disruptive crowdfunding in real estate right in the midst of an economic meltdown in 2010, Mayfair and Morgan has lined up a team of passionate people to form the Mayfair and Morgan Blockchain Center of Excellence–all driven by success and the need to embrace Blockchain as a trust accelerator in the way government, institutions, leaders and society do business and transact with each other.

Chief Executive Officer

High energy entrepreneur focused on Blockchain business across EMEA, Paul has formidable and extensive global experience of the finTech, telecommunications and technology including BT, Accenture, Logica, Subex and Neural Technology. A natural leader with the necessary gravitas to set a vision and deliver an agenda for change. Paul is now one of the leading figures driving the agenda for change with Blockchain and within the ICO/ITO space in the region…

Chief Financial Officer

Michael is leading on the Financial Management of Mayfair & Morgan. A Senior Executive with extensive operational experience. Strong, energetic leadership is ensuring success. A team builder, innovative leader and calculated risk taker whose focuses are customers, employees and results. His relationship-oriented problem solving with strong analytic and conceptual skills takes charge and remains focused on continuous process improvement…

Chief Marketing Officer

Manila-born, go-getter entrepreneur, Kristine Lasam has spearheaded the quick rise of Pink Entropy as one of the leading digital agencies in the MENA in the last four years. With several successful published case studies on her belt–and a sought after voice in the digital, media and technology space in the region, she is leading the build and go-to-market plan of the Mayfair and Morgan’s BCE’s talent exchange and GigE platform…

Chief Technical Officer

CTO and co-founder of a full stack digital marketing and development agency. Necolas also mentors multiple tech workshops, teaching and working with startups to establish a market foot print. Necolas is a huge UX phobic, with focus on full frontend and backend stacks that deliver the fastest, most secure and simplest services across devices. Digital marketing, technology architecture, design and SME consultancy are his strongest suite. Necolas takes on a new challenge as the CTO for Mayfair and Morgan BCE…

Advisory Board Member

Nick forged his leadership skills in the military before moving to an accomplished career as an entrepreneur. Corporate executive, military officer and engineer with a wealth of experience in leadership and management, A leading thinker in new market entry and strategic business development coupled with an in-depth appreciation of technology innovation across a number of sectors…

Advisory Board Member

Hamdan has built a solid and impressive track record as a Senior Partner at Hamdan Al Shamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants–one of the preeminent law firms in the UAE specializing in banking and finance, corporate law and IP. Hamdan is also frequently called on to sit as an arbiter in both local and international arbitrations and is regularly involved in ICC, DIAC and LCIA arbitrations as an advocate…

Advisory Board Member

Ethan Erkiletian first came into the blockchain space in 2012 after interviewing some of the earliest Bitcoin luminaries in the then incredibly nascent space as a talk radio host. Developing a keen interest in the concept of blockchain technology and its potential implications, Ethan has since kept a close eye on the space, and its varied developments…

Advisory Board Member

Jalal is responsible for the BCE’s financial and investment strategy. He has personally been an investor in Cryptocurrencies since 2011, and has actively advised on other businesses in the space as well as on ICO/ITO regulation and best practices. He was previously a founding partner in Suhail Capital, a long/short US focused hedge fund.Jalal graduated from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia with a BS in Business Information Technology…

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